More Bingish everyday

She made herself into a float and paraded around the house.  I was able to catch her with the camera when she made her rounds through the kitchen.




Showing off her bracelet (below), which just happens to be in her mouth (above – note odd expression).  The bracelet has been put away for now, until it doesn’t seem so tasty.


Bye bye!


She’s had a wonderful, wonderful week, which we are sure to mention in her presence frequently.  No time-outs in quite awhile and the last one was during a Home Depot expedition and I guess blinds shopping was just a bit more than we could expect of Miss Bing.  But other than that, she has been absolutely fabulous!  This evening, to top off a wonderful week, we went out to eat at a place a little nicer than our usual sandwiches, pizza, or buffet.  In fact, we had cocktails and wine and although BB was interested in our “juice,” she accepted the fact that they belonged to Mommy and Daddy.  She’s come a long way in that department of late, as well.

Tomorrow morning we’re off to the gym for a class.  BB invited her MawMaw, which should be very exciting.  BB talks about the gym all the time and it’s been awhile since we’ve been, so I’m really looking forward to going.  She picked out her clothes tonight and should be raring to go tomorrow.  Oh, that’s a new thing – she’s picking out her clothes.  Well, I am too.  I choose two outfits that I like (considering weather and style), lay them out on the floor, and she gets to choose which she wants to wear the next day.  It is the cutest thing, as she takes this very seriously.  She checks them out, considering deeply, and then points with great energy.  I then put the rejected outfit away and the chosen one out for the morning.  She does have a preference for bright colors, I’m noticing.  If I feel a strong preference for what she wears, I choose an opposite outfit that I know she won’t prefer.  Yeah, I’m manipulative that way.  But you know what?  We’re both getting our way and she’s learning to make choices.  When it comes to PJs – she can choose anything she wants, ‘cuz I just don’t care what she looks like in the middle of the night.

Hubs and I talk about her at night.  We’re pretty much in awe of her and who she’s becoming – more Bingish everyday.


5 Responses

  1. She is a hoot!

  2. oh it’s so much fun to see the personality and preferences emerge AND the imagination of this age is so adorable. you are a good mama (it’s all about manipulated ‘choices’)

  3. First, I was looking at her cruising around the kitchen, and I thought, ‘oh, they must’ve had the floors redone, nice’….. and then my addled brain remembered YOU MOVED!!! Looking forward to seeing the new house next weekend… if I remember!!!

    Love your ‘system’ for letting the Bing pick out clothes. Totally sounds like something that I would do: completely developmentally appropriate and kid centered, yet still flavored with a tinge of mama control!

  4. Yes, you are supposed to be manifpulative in that way! I am so glad the Bing had such a wonderful week.

  5. It is great that she actually picks one over the other. When we give Jammer a choice of anything, he will pick one and then immediately pick the other, then go back to his first choice, then back to his 2nd choice and on and on and on. It is fustrating.

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