Visiting grandparents

The Bing and I often pay a visit to my folks at The Village, a retirement community, on Monday nights for dinner.  This evening Hubs was able to come along, which made it easier for me to take pictures. 

The Bing and Granny enjoyed playing with a candle.  BB “fed” it to all of us.




Aunt J~ let BB take things in and out of her walker, this girl loves assistive devices.


Then she got the special pleasure of being allowed to wear Aunt J’s beads.  My Aunt J~ makes wonderful beaded jewelry and she let BB wear her necklace for a bit.  She took put in on, took it off, put it in the walker tray… over and over again.


Finally, goodbye hugs and kisses all around.  “Night, night, Granddad.”



5 Responses

  1. Oh! I love BingBing’s jacket!

  2. sweet pictures! BTW I adore your Mom.

  3. So sweet to see them together.

  4. Everyone looks great.
    MM says Monday’s are the highlight of her week!

  5. I don’t know…. strong interest in jewelry, wearing a leopard fur coat….. looks like you’ve got yourself a girly-girl there!! Next she’ll be asking to wear pink!

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