Just cute in her new duds


The Bing’s just lookin’ cute in some of her new duds passed on from Lauren and Paige from Mei Mei Journal.  I don’t know why, but she looks rather Paigesque in this picture to me.  Maybe it’s the outfit, although I can’t remember seeing it before on Lauren or Paige.  I get a kick out of it – so flowery and cute, but not cutesy.  Yeah, it’s cool.  A~, hope you got our thank you card by now.  I can’t believe how much there is!  You will be seeing BB  in your girls’ clothes for a long time to come!  The Academy must wonder, as they are seeing her in different clothes everyday all of a sudden.  Thank you, thank you!

6 Responses

  1. that is a great idea to have hand me downs among the girls……to keep passing these cool clothes on….i was just thinking about the same thing…i know i will have a box of 4t/5t stuff this spring!! and yes the bing does look cute….


  2. Thanks for the picture!!!

  3. It is always fun to see what adorable outfits others pass on. I’m sure I’ll being seeing a few eventually here too.

    She is cute no matter what she is wearing.

  4. She can seriously pull of any outfit. Cute!

  5. that’s really cute – and how wonderful to get ‘duds’ from that nice family!

    I gave you a blog award – you can visit mine for details. no need to follow up, if you don’t want to – just know you are appreciated. : ))

  6. she is so darn cute. i just want to squeeze those cheeks!

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