Catching up

We went to Philadelphia for a Chinese New Year parade, but it was cancelled because they couldn’t afford the police coverage for traffic control.  Oh well.  We had a wonderful Chinese meal – Peking duck complete with Bing-Bing’s favorite, hoisin sauce!



On the way home we stopped at a rest stop and let her run… run… run.  She really needed to burn off some energy.  She had on her squeaky shoes, so she could run pretty wild and we could still keep track of her.  Luckily, she wasn’t grabby, so we didn’t have to constantly take things she was pilfering from the isles.


This is another day.  She was enjoying sorting eggs at the children’s museum.  Aunt A~, you gotta come with us sometime.  She does like it there.


Oh, and finally in the picture department – my best picture of her dressed up for a Chinese New Year celebration.  Yup, having a tantrum on the floor.  Gotta love it.


Bing-Bing’s doing great though.  We’re seeing less tantrums.  There was a period of her eating very little dinner (one night none).  No, we don’t send her to bed without dinner, but we do make conditions that certain things must be eaten, because this is what we’re having for dinner.  So, some nights Miss Stubborn chose not to eat.  Okay, we could live with that.  Other nights she ate a little of one thing, then nothing more, as we would give no more of the wonderful thing without her eating at least something else.  Well, these were noisy, obnoxious dinners with some time-outs in the middle, but we got through.  And, I have to say, things are better on the other end.  Yeah, she’s a good one, our Bing.  Two-ish and all. 

3 Responses

  1. Your house sounds a lot like our house especially the eating issues. Thankfully lately Jammer is protesting less. But I’m betting that it won’t last long. And tantums…we hve the king here to your queen.

  2. Cancelling a parade- Wow, that IS a sign of our harsh economic times, a seemingly “free” activity!

    Funny photo of her throwing a tantrum. I swear kids have some kind of inner sense that tells them when it’s really important that you take a picture of them in some outfit/situation/what have you, and they choose this moment to show you just who’s the boss!

  3. she looks SO BIG in these photos — WOW! and, sorry to say, the behavior cycles and reappears – we’ve had our share of ups and downs, too. I do think nice weather will really help get the energy out.

    Eating: I serve one family meal, but I offer fruit as a side option. And these little ones are so good about eating when they are hungry and passing when they are not. I’ve learned to trust and respect that instinct that they obey.

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