Raging in two-ness

Just goofin’


Stylin’ in Mommy’s boots & my fire hat!


Chilling with Mommy


Looking very teenagery with Daddy


There’s been some major changes in The Bing lately.  She seems so much older in both fun and not at all fun ways.  She’s saying more, including the same things in different ways.  She still says “bye bye”, but also “see ya!”  It’s truly cute.  Sometimes she calls me Mom.  I am NOT ready for that.  I wait for Mommy, hearing, “Mom, Mom, Mommy!”  She asks for her “yurt” – yogurt, which she loves so much.  Hubs bought a yogurt-like drink and she just loves it.  She’s fun and can do so much, as she “helps” around the house. 

Now for the dark side.  The two-ness is coming in big, BIG ways.  She can be very ornery and difficult.  Transitions are difficult and she wants to do things her way, even when that makes no sense.  We have always been big about giving her choices, but sometimes we just can’t.  Yeah, it’s hard.  She yells, she hits, she throws herself on the floor and agonizes.  She’s an expert at selective-deafness.  This happens at home, at The Academy, when trying to get her into the car.  It’s hard to dress a child who is in such a state.  What’s a mommy to do?  Urgh… not sure.  I do know that I stand by the statement I make to her when she hits, “we don’t hit!”  Sometimes that gets through to her; sometimes not.  But it’s important to me not to be a parent who hits.

Yes, she is two times two.  And I don’t mean four – just more two-ness.  Any BTDT parents – I’d love advice on how to survive the twos.


11 Responses

  1. One of the things I learned when training to work with kids was a kind of restraint for kids who are flailing with their arms. It’s sort of a hug which also restrains the upper arms so the child is not helplessly held but the swing carries less power and the child feels “safer” in the arms of someone in control. Now, of course, this is very easy for me to say since I don’t have kids and never worked with kids as young as BingBing but I did spend 16 hours in that training so I needed to pretend it would be good for something!

  2. Looking at the pictures again though…….. nope, can’t be BingBing doing anything wrong! You must be misinterpreting her actions! She can only give hugs and hold taggies!

  3. Ha ha. Hell hath no fury like a raging toddler! She even tosses her Taggies in fierce fury when she’s pissed. Watch out!

  4. The twos? [SNORT!]

    The threes, the fours, the fives……

    There is no magical age when they turn on the laser beams and want to burn out your brain, and then turn it off.

    It’s on all the time! And realizing that, is half the solution.

  5. Hmmmm, sigh. I feel senility kicking in.

  6. We are so in for it, aren’t we.

  7. Two-ness has been going on here for a while too. What she is doing mimicks Jammer’s behaviors. The temper, the throwing things down when he doesn’t get his way, the jelly body when you need to get him dressed, all of it. He’s even acting up more than normal at daycare. If you learn any great methods for dealing with this stuff,, please share.

    P.S. Last night I started reading “Raising Your Spirited Child”. I only got through 2 chapters before I konked out but the behaviors discussed ring a lot of familiar bells. Maybe you want to check this book out too.

  8. As I often say about my E, the Bing is a Force of Nature. You wouldn’t want it any other way, but sometimes that way is not the easiest to deal with. The two best, and most difficult, pieces of advice I can give you are this: be patient, excrutiatingly patient; and try not to get emotional when disciplining- firm, but flat, if you get my meaning. Keep setting your realistic boundaries, and she will thrive, like she already is. After all, forces of nature cannot be stopped, they can only hope to be contained!! May the force be with you! (running out of force cliches….)

  9. First, she is adorable.

    Second………you’ve just scared the hell out of me

  10. Well, you know what they say……right?………..toddler behavior is a pretty good indication of what the teen years are like. <<<>>>>>

  11. I love Bing’s new haircut!

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