We came home from work and The Academy tonight and put on boots and mittens (well, one anyway) and went outside for a short walk in the snow.  The Bing loves the snow and the ice.  I need to write to the orphanage and tell them they named the right one Xue Bing – it means Snow Ice.  As you can see, she had to keep one hand mitten-free so she could pick up the snow (and eat it).  After about 10 minutes she suddenly started crying.  I realized her hand was quite cold, but she refused a mitten and didn’t want to come in the house.  After a minute or two of non-reasoning (she’s not quite 23-months-old, afterall), I scooped her up and brought her into the house.  I took off her coat, hat, mitten, and boots and encouraged hopping.  Our girl loves to hop.  Hop she did and she was soon warm.  Later, I found  her with those boots back on.  I’ve now hid them or we’ll have a fight on our hands in the morning.  I’m pretty sure she wanted to wear them to bed.  My clue?  She put them on over her PJs.


4 Responses

  1. Okay…….. I definitely think she needs to visit me here! We have about 4 feet of snow on the ground now…… nothing compared to last year but definitely enough for the Bingbing!

  2. Cute story.
    Why do kids love the snow and we cant stand it?

  3. Super cute. Kind of makes me wish we had some snow here. Mmmmm, maybe not :).

  4. It’s nice to finally have the beauty to go along with the cold. With the Bing out there, you had double the beauty!

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