I took The Bing to the gym again this morning.  She started off a little slower today with some crying and something just not quite right.  She hasn’t been 100% the past day or two – a little ornery.  But eventually she joined in, even doing four pull-overs on the bars!  The Bing just kept saying “again… again!”  So, we did.  The teacher was impressed, saying many of her 4 and 5-year-olds won’t do that.

Then Daddy took her out for a tricycle ride in the 15 degree weather – brrrrrrrrr, but she was game.  Then lunch and on toward a nap.  Napping can be tough at The Bing household, as she fights it mightily.  I told her, “no blankie unless you’re on Mommy’s lap.”  This was rotten in her book and eventually I gave in.  I’m glad too.  She took that thing from me and hid under her table, so I couldn’t get it back, and was asleep in under 2 minutes.  No problem.  I covered her up and she had a lovely nap for nearly 2 hours.  Hey, I’m flexible.  Mommy and Daddy napped too.



Finally, off for supper at a Chinese buffet that we like – they have a Mongolian barb-e-que that is very good.  The Bing ate lots, but wasn’t into chopsticks tonight.  Overall, it was a good day, despite the orneriness.  Oh well, you can’t have it all.


3 Responses

  1. Oh, I so wish we had a Mongolian BBQ–I miss that!

    I know what you mean, flexibility is the only option sometimes. She did get the nap!

    I hope she is not coming down with something or breaking a tooth.

  2. Why do they fight it so much! Clearly the kid is tired- you just want to ask them ‘WHY?’ Just lay down and close your eyes and all will be better when you wake up. Just give in, Kid! Two hours as a payoff though? Not bad.

  3. Naps are a terrific thing. The Mongolian BBQ sounds yummy.

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