Fourth Christmas

This evening we had our fourth and final Christmas with the extended Hubs’ clan.  It was wonderful.  I guess there were about 55 people there from his grandparents on down to a thundering herd of small ones under age 8, with BB among them.  She revelled in the joy.

Here she is inspecting the tree (thank goodness for unbreakable ornaments).


Next, opening a gift – she received wonderful books!



And finally, holding a toy, not her own, that she loved mightily – a very cool truck.  “Choo choo!”  she said while trucking it around.


She ran  rather wild, but never too far off.  I just kept looking for the blue streak.  At one point I was rather nervous, as she had found some small marbles and she appeared to have something in her mouth.  She was running wild and away from me, as she knew I wanted those marbles.  Finally, I caught her and she DID have something in her mouth — bbroccoli.  Too funny.  I caught my daughter eating broccoli.  Which brings me to another eating story.  Last night for dinner she ate five clementine oranges and a little bit of pork.  Yes, five.  This girl loves her fruit.

And yes, Christmas is now over.


6 Responses

  1. I’m hoping that with 55 people, there was some sort of gift exchange system wherein you did not have to buy for everyone! Mama’s got a new mortgage, after all! Sounds like the Bing had fun- I feel so chintsy only offering up one Christmas for my daughter..hehe

  2. these are cute & it sounds like you’ve really enjoyed connecting with people this holiday — that’s the best! Today, Chloe ate 2 big bananas after lunch. go figure…

  3. Fruit is number one in our household too. Luckily, Alex will still eat all the other stuff too, but if we let him have his fruit first, that’s all it would be!

  4. What a cute patootie! We had to hang all the breakable ornaments on our tree out of reach of little hands & paws (we have a cat that likes to steal them). It looked a little naked down low. Note to self: buy more unbreakable ornaments at the after Christmas sales.

  5. Happy New Year! It sounds like your holidays were wonderful – and omigosh your little one is adorable! Love the photos!

  6. How funny that my kid’s favorite food is fruit too…especially boobabies (blueberries) and draderries (strawberries). He would stuff himself silly with it if I let him. Thank goodness that he prefers that over chocolate, though he does like the chocolate too.

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