Visit from “family”

We met this family a little over a year in China, as they were adding to their wonderful family.  Their youngest son lived in the same SWI as Bing-Bing, so they are siblings in a sense.  The whole family came to China to meet their new family member and had much to teach us all – as the biggest family in our group.  We often pass on the father’s joke/wisdom – “you know where kids get their energy, don’t you?” as his now 2nd youngest was running with abandon.  ???  “They suck it from their parents.”  Ah, so true.


They were in our area for Christmas and we got together for dinner on the 26th.  It was great to see them all, but especially BB’s orphanage brother who has grown so much.  Here they are posing for their Blue Couch Photo at the diner.  Isn’t he a handsome one?  BB was delighted with the meeting.


We look forward to seeing the whole family again!

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  1. What a wonderful vist!!!! Happy New Year to you all.

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