Chinese little Dutch girl

My Chinese daughter is Dutchifying me.  Around these here parts, people say things like “it’s all” instead of “it’s all gone.”  Don’t ask me why, it’s a Dutch thing.  Okay, some people say it, but I never did.  I avoided it.  “Say the whole sentence, people!”  Until now.  Now, suddenly I find it irresistibly cute coming from my little Bing-Bing, who is picking it up at Day Care.  Yup, I asked her teacher.  BB will say, “more?” and the answer will be, “it’s all, BB.”  So, now we hear it too.  And guess what, now I say it.  I’m getting Dutchy.  From my Chinese daughter.  Sheesh.


4 Responses

  1. That is cute.

  2. That is very chic of you all.

  3. Wait til she “Outens the light”!

  4. Or “throw the horse over the fence some hay, awhile”!

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