Funny words

Our Bing-Bing finds certain words irresistibly funny and it is hilarious.  First it was “waffle,” which I’ll admit is a pretty funny-sounding word.  Next, it was “Nick.”  That’s our cat and not a particularly funny word, but it made her giggle – no laugh from deep in her belly.  The it was “itchy.”  Finally, yesterday emerged “skirt” and “ew!”  I don’t know what makes these words so funny to her and they don’t stay funny for long, but when they are she laughs from head to toe and is falling over.  She says the word over and over and wants us to say it too.  She just loves the sound of the word.  Finally, I got a video of her with “skirt” and “ew!” yesterday at lunch.  She’s eating pomegranate, by the way.  Our excursion to the ER hasn’t changed her love for them.  In fact, we suspect they are her favorite food.  However, when we talk about them and at least once while eating them she’ll point to her nose and say “no!”  I don’t think she’ll be putting anything else up there anytime soon.


2 Responses

  1. Well, I guess I can count on lots of laughter since I say, “EWWwwwww” lots!

  2. OMG, that is the cutest!!!! The Bing’s little voice and laugh brightened my night 🙂

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