Nothing up your nose, but your elbow…

… sadly, was the lesson of the day.  We had our first trip to the Emergency Room.  During lunch, Bing-Bing decided to put a pomegranate aril up her nose.  It fit quite nicely, however it wasn’t so easy to remove.  First we went to an Urgent Care Center, thinking it would be easier – less lines, quicker, cheaper.  Yes, well… it was, but not so well equipped.  Mommy, Daddy, and Nurse held her down three times while the doctor attempted to extract the fruit with a tweezers.  But, he didn’t want to injure her – she’s a strong one, she is. 

So, off the the ER we went where they are fancily equipped with a papoose board – a sweet word for a child sized restraint board for the purpose of holding children still during frightening medical procedures.  The Bing was not fooled by the nice word, nor the smiling child pictured on the directions on the board.  Ha!  What child smiles in that thing???  No, ours screamed mightily, but she was still.  This doctor, quite pleased with himself, I might add, stuck a little syringe-looking thing up her nose and past the seed.  He then pushed a plunger which blew up a tiny balloon just past the seed.  He then drew it out, POP!  All over – seed out and restraint removed – in under 90 seconds.  Really, the doctor was quite pleased.  He asked if we wanted to take the tool to the Urgent Care joint to show it to them or if we wanted it ourselves – souvenir, perhaps?  We said, no.  One traumatized Bing was plenty for us. 

We spent the rest of the day talking about the merits of putting things up our noses.  She adamantly says she won’t put anything in her nose again.  Daddy says she’s allowed to put her elbow in her nose, but only if she ties a string to it first.  She has agreed.

This after First Christmas yesterday (there will be three in all).  She enjoyed the day and is enjoying her gifts now, but somehow the drama of today has superceded everything.  I will post pictures eventually.

6 Responses

  1. Poor girl (and mom and dad)! It is so hard watching your little one scared. I am so glad they got it out so easily! btw–Santa will bringing said fruit in the stocking, maybe I should have him reconsider!

  2. Look at it this way… you broke your Emergency Room cherry! Perhaps now it will be a very very long time before you have to go back, if ever. Cute that it was a pomegranite seed, rather than a pea or something much less fancy. Her nose clearly has a sophisticated palate!

  3. Yep…….. an ER visit with an easy and non-dangerous solution is best! Now inform BingBing that she is not allowed to ever visit an ER again……. and definitely not when she is with Auntie!

  4. oh no! I read this post last night while contemplating OUR first visit to ER (scary cough, but got better so didn’t go). that sounds like the kind of event that requires chocolate or wine (maybe both?) for the parents! Now that she’s visited the ER, hopefully she will not want to return…

  5. Okay, first trip down and no more to come!!!

    We’ve been the papoose board route too. I found that a good stiff Scotch after getting home quite helpful!

  6. Oh noooo! I know I am way late on this one (well, on everything really), but I am so sorry the Bing was traumatized. Restraint is the worst of all evils at this age! I am glad all is well.

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