Nimble when naked

Loving the laundry chute as much as Mommy!  BTW, that’s her Christmas stocking hanging just to her left.  We’re telling her that Santa comes down the chimney and then up the laundry chute!  No fire place here.  🙂


Run, run, run…


… you can’t catch me!!!


Favorite bath position.



5 Responses

  1. She is absolutely adorable! Love the strategically placed leave!
    The holidays are so much fun with kids!

  2. That looks like fun.

  3. Ah, remembering the days when I felt so carefree and young, when I wouldn’t give a second thought to running around naked. Now, I pretty much have to don a full length mumu to go to the beach! Oh Well!

  4. Ahh… the “Fig leaf”!
    Does Nicky like riding in the laundry chute? Haven’t tried that yet?

  5. Cuuuuute! Just read Mrs. Pushy’s comment — pretty sure I have no recollection of ever feeling that way!

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