Catching up

It turns out that moving is a big deal and everything Internet takes a back seat.  Actually, when moving in the middle of the holidays everything Internet takes a back-back seat.  But, it’s a Friday.  I successfully completed two holiday errands today, so I’m feeling rather together.  Heh.

So, catching up in the World of Bing.  Here she is, posing after bringing several items from one of my drawers and neatly arranging them on her Sit-N-Spin.  This is a daily event.  I never know where the items will end up, but I can tell you, they will look nice.  Later, she will return them, but only on her terms.  No, there have been no ransoms… yet.


This evening a lovely gift arrived in the mail from our Lounge Friends for The Bing.  After asking her to return the above items to their proper home, I showed her what was inside.


Here she is enjoying the book – helium-leg and all.



We also watched the DVD that goes with the book and learned 2 new signs – “bubbles” and “swing,” which she showed mastery of at bedtime.  Bubbles has been a favorite word.  She uses it for actual bubbles and also marbles.   Now she has the sign to go with the word.  Thank you, thank you from The Bing!


Later, after her bath, she got herself very organized – fire hat on, bag full of Taggies, and broom in hand – and announced “bye bye!”  We asked if she was going to Kazakhstan and she said, “yeah,” and took off down the hall.  I do like a girl who plans ahead.  Really, it isn’t wise to go away without a hardhat, something for sweeping away debri, and a beloved possession.  Yes, she packs well.  We asked her to write, but she returned quickly.  It appeared she had a good trip.  She returned with everything she left with.



5 Responses

  1. BingBing doesn’t seem any worse for the wear of moving. Something tells me it was a totally different story for Mom and Dad!

  2. Looking at those photos makes me so want a Sit and Spin…. never had one 😦 The Bing is adorable as always… the ‘helium leg’ Hope stuff is starting to come together in the new abode

  3. Congratulations!! Moing between holidays with a toddler in tow is quite a feat!! But I guess that’s easier than last fall bringing Bing Bing home. Send the FCC group your new address!

    Sarah and Ben

  4. Oh, my goodness….look how big she’s getting! And just since I checked in last…it’s scary how fast they grow! What a beauty she is.

  5. what a fun little personality is emerging! yes, internet took a backseat for me while moving, too – but I had to check in (was feeling disconnected). Actually, Christmas was in the backseat, too.

    We’re settling in…hope you are too & look forward to seeing you all in person sometime in 2009 : ))

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