So, we’re home owners

Yowza!  After signing our names to a pile of papers, Hubs and I drove off and he brought up our annual discussion about continuing our marriage for another year.  For some background, we met in December of 2001.  In December 2002 we were engaged.  In January of 2004 we were married.  We dated for a year, we were engaged for a year, so we figure we take the marriage year by year – checking in each year at about this time to re-up for another year.  So, here we are, just signing a 30-year mortgage and he thinks we need to reconsider this year-by-year commitment.  He thinks we should consider marriage for 30 years!  Sheesh.  You think he could have brought this up yesterday, don’t you think???  I mean really.

So, we did our walk through and it suddenly occurred to me… I really like this house, BUT it’s small.  I think we’ll be getting rid of a lot of stuff.  I’m okay with this.  I think.  I might be wailing a different tune when it’s MY stupid nicknacks (no, Nicky, not you) that have to go.  We’ve hung onto some stuff because we rent and I always wonder, will we want this when we have our own place?  Well, now we will and I’m ready to make it ours and have what we need and cut out what we don’t.  I’m tired of the clutter.  And I don’t mean Bing-toys.  Anyway, I’m excited.  Tomorrow we’re taking The Bing over to see it.  Should be fun to let her run wild in the empty house.  Strange, too, the little things I can’t remember about it that I want to check out.  One more week and we’ll be living there.  This is our last Friday in this home.  As The Bing would say, “bye bye house!”


6 Responses

  1. Congrats that is so exciting!

  2. It will all work out. And the stuff that doesn’t find a place probably wasn’t worth it to hold on to.

    Mazel tov!

  3. I was chuckling when reading this! We are coming up on 7 yrs ourselves.
    Can’t wait to see pics of Bing checking out her new digs!

  4. Remember to bend at the knees when you lift the heavy stuff. Men tend to slack and leave those for the chicks.
    Congratulations on the new home. May you pay it off rapidly and with vow renewals.

  5. The cuzband has great timing!
    I read somewhere that pictures and other wall hangings should go to the new house. If they really don’t fit in then chuck them.

    I’m so excited for you 3! Oops, Nicky and Reba too!

  6. When I was moving from RI and the condo to here I didn’t know what I was going to be living in here when my condo sold so I ended up tossing loads of stuff! I thought I would regret those things but nope…… there are things we acquire just because we have room for them but they serve no purpose in our lives. All you really need to move is the Bing, The husband, and the cats……….. things just aren’t important at all.

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