This is a ridiculously long video of our fantastically cluttered house (we’re moving in 9 days, forgive me), which I show you because it has a wonderful star, The Bing.  I can’t edit the darn thing, so I give it to you in it’s entirety, realizing that smart viewers will say, “enough is enough!” and X-out or you are related and can’t help yourself.  It is for you that I post this video of The Bing, who will eventually show her fascination with clocks, which you will not see.


5 Responses

  1. Oh…definitely NOT long enough!

  2. I love to just watch her. More videos please.

  3. I love watching the wheels turn in their little heads. You could tell she was thinking about he tick-tocks. SO CUTE!

  4. CUTE!!!! Her hair is getting so thick and pretty and I love to hear her sweet voice! Hope your move is smooth.

  5. Positively not too long!

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