Bing-Bing is really getting imaginative lately and it’s really fun.  She “feeds” us in the tub, which gives lots of opportunity to practice our table manners – “please” and “thank you.”  She even wants to feed the parent who isn’t in the room, so I throw the food out of the bathroom and we pretend Daddy caught it.  She loves this and now she throws it herself.  This led to pretend games of catch in which she throws and I catch.  She thinks this is hilarious.  For a long time, she’s been going shopping with her grocery cart.  She also likes to go to another room, say “bye”, and wander off.  We ask her where she’s going “on vacation, to Mexico, to Texas, to …” and we ask her to write.  Off she goes and soon wanders back.

Another funny thing, she herds us.  If I’m sitting, she reaches behind me and tries to pull me up.  Once I’m up, she pushes me from behind to where she wants me to go.  Once she herded me into the kitchen, Hubs was already there.  She closed the baby gate, enclosing us all, and proceeded to goof around and play with abandon.  She just wanted us all together!

I gotta say, this girl has style!


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  1. Those games are so fun. One way we entertained Paige on the way home from China is taking an imaginary something off of her shirt and putting it on ours. She would laugh like crazy and retrieve it. We should try to get the girls together soon!

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