Final Social Work Visit

Our social worker visited this evening for our 12-month post-placement visit and report.  She entered our lovely home of boxes, nonplussed, and observed our family and asked questions.  No biggie.  We’re open people – as Hubs would say, “simple, plain, and boring.”  He’s usually referring to himself when he says this, but when it comes to us and this adoption, that’s us… and I mean that in the best of ways.  We have had an easy time of it.  We went into this with our eyes wide open, knowing that adoption can be tough.  But, The Bing has been easy.  She’s so adaptable and has joined our family, our life, our culture with ease.  If anything, she helped ME adapt to motherhood, as I had so many fears about being a mom.  I guess the thing to say is that she didn’t come with any traumas.  I believe she was well cared for in China – she was in one orphanage that has a good reputation.  She came to us young – 8 1/2-months-old.  And she has a very adaptable personality.  These things have eased her transition to us tremendously.  Not only that, she fits into our family – her personality, her sense of humor.  Not that we aren’t molding these things, but not all children do fit with their parents and this is difficult.  It’s luck of the draw on this and we drew well – all three of us.

We started this adoption about 4 years ago.  It was brewing in my head for awhile and finally I asked Hubs, just after trimming the Christmas tree, if he would be interested in adopting a baby girl from China?  He was shocked (I said I didn’t want kids), established that I didn’t have a raving fever, checked to make sure I wasn’t a clone (although he might have wanted the clone with this announcement), and asked, “where do I sign up?”  We’ve seen a lot of social workers since then.  We’ve signed a boatload of papers.  We’ve been investigated by two governments to establish our fitness as potential parents.  We’ve flown half-way around the world and came back with the most amazing child.  And now we’re done with all of that.  Now we are just a family.  Simple, plain, and boring.


4 Responses

  1. Congratulations on that final visit. I’m so glad that you feel good about motherhood and your beautiful daughter. I’m glad you did it!!!

  2. Four years ago? Wow. Time flies when things work out.

  3. Definitely not boring. Wonderful is more accurate. These are truly the best days of your lives.

  4. Time seems to have both flown and crawled. In times BB (before Bing) there were so many more blogs to read but now, PB (Post Bing) there is so many more wonderful, hopeful, positive entries watching a baby become…… what? A little person, a little personality?…… And ending of one chapter of one book and the beginning of another.
    I’m sure now I’ll be in PA before Christmas and I cannot wait to see The Bing…… sure her Mom and Dad too but I’ve been waiting for the Bing!

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