Happy Halloween!

Last night we took The Bing trick-or-treating.  She does love being a tiger, as you can see here while she checks herself in the mirror. 
The whole trick-or-treating thing?…  Well, weird, but cool.  We went to the houses of people we knew to show off our tiger-girl.  She collected the candy, putting in her bag and always hanging onto one and chewing on the wrapper.  I think it was partly exciting and partly overwhelming, so we kept it short, collecting our candy and tract in about a half an hour.  Yes, Biblical tract.  It turns out we’ll be burning up in a hell on earth in a little under three years.  By we, I mean the three of us and oh so many many more.  I won’t make assumptions about your fate, dear reader.  If you feel a need to know more, I’ll clue you in.  But I’ve chosen to bet that we’ll be here, untoasted, for Halloween in three years.  Call me naive; I call me optimistic.
Anyway, back to the ordinary scariness of Halloween… we had a good time, then went off to Mickie D’s for a lovely, drive-thru supper, as it was a little late to scare something up at home.  The Bing chowed down on her fries and would not touch her chicken nuggets until she was sure there was not a fry left on a plate.
Today was low-key.  Hubs and Bing-Bing had their traditional breakfast with Maw-Maw, complete with a trip to visit the cows.  Meanwhile back home, I packed up the rest of our books while enjoying Car Talk on NPR.  Here are a few pics from the day. 

Over here, Mom


 Finally, an afternoon snooze.  Last night’s festivities wore me out!


9 Responses

  1. I can’t believe how tall she’s getting! What a little lady she is already!
    We dressed E up last night as baby chick- I’ll have to post some pics sometime in the next millenium!

  2. Awe, she makes an awesome tiger! She is so beautiful!
    I hear you, Mom. Halloween is fun, yet exhausting!

  3. She is looking like such a big girl and super cute in her costume! Glad you caught some Z’s too after your big night out (I think I know where you are going, but do fill me in as I have been canvassing for the vote and have gotten some strange encounters).

  4. Looks like your Halloween night was lovely. I love Bing’s Tiger!

  5. The Bing is a gigantically precious tiger!!

  6. What a cute tiger!!! Love the costume!

  7. If you’re going to hell, I guess I’m going with you! The Bing is a super adorable tiger, and wow, she is looking so tall in those overalls!

  8. Someone is getting long hair. Wow.

  9. Your tiger and my lion….lots of “roar”-ing going on I’m sure.

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