Pics, packing beginnings, & “yeah”

Isn’t that a cool horsey?  It goes back a few generations in Hubs’ family.  Maw-Maw pulled it out of the attic, dusted it off, and Bing-Bing gave it a test ride.  This horsey still runs smooth.

She also got the standard tractor ride from Paw-Paw, because what visit would be complete without it?

All this with this view.

That was last weekend.  This weekend we’ve been packing, throwing stuff away, and beginning the mess.  My goal is to follow some of’s moving tips, including packing 5 boxes everyday.  I did it today.  We’re collecting boxes, I’m getting rid of lots of clothes and other stuff, and putting things in some order.  Meanwhile my back is killing me.  A muscle popped yesterday, so I’m nursing that.  I was okay today until this evening when packing.  Don’t know what was different than earlier in the day – maybe that I stopped taking Ibuprofen.  Maybe I just need to take it whether it hurts or not, assuming that when I work it will.  And now I need to work.  Just the time to pull a back muscle, huh?

The Bing is a hoot lately.  She is saying “yes” now a lot, which is making communication much easier.  We can get a real opinion – yes and no, as opposed to only the vehement NOs of several weeks ago.  It’s nifty.  Actually, she says, “yeah,” and it’s adorable.  The other night before bed I asked, “did I ever tell you that I love you?”  “Yeah,” came her soft reply.  I melted.  That’s why there were no posts for a few days.  It took awhile to make me solid.


6 Responses

  1. That is a cool horse thing. Very old school and yet fun.

  2. I’ve been packing since July now……… I’ve found that the more I pack the more stuff I just toss because it’s just too difficult to pack it all! I’ve only been here for 3.5 years…… where did all this “stuff” come from? I wish I knew when I’d actually be moving…… I’d hate to have to pack and unpack seasonal clothes again!
    Anything that hasn’t been used since I moved here is automatically tossed…….

  3. You might need the ibuprofen for a few days. Muscles can take awhile to heal. Try one of the heat patches from the drug store. The patch really does deliver heat for almost 8 hours. After a hamstring pull I used “Thermocare”. They don’t make one for hamstrings so I used the one for lower back. Pick the size you need no matter which body part they say it’s for!

    Yeah, little ones can turn us to mush in an instant!

  4. That horse thingy is way cool! Good luck with the packing, and hope your back feels better.

  5. Have fun with the sorting. Moving is a great way to purge the unneeded stuff.

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