Sandbox, snowboots, & power nap

This past weekend was gorgeous and we got to a park both Saturday and Sunday.  Bing-Bing really enjoyed the sandbox, becoming really intent on her shoveling.

This afternoon I went to a consignment shop to look for snow boots.  I did great, finding snow boots, her next pair of sneakers (she’s outgrowing shoes quickly), a pair of PJs, and an awesome shirt for under $25.00.  I love this place.  Anyway, I showed The Bing her new boots and she had to try them on immediately and then wouldn’t take them off!  We went for a walk outside and she insisted on wearing them, even though it was warm enough for the next door neighbor girls to be barefoot.  Bing-Bing looked ready for a ski trip.  It was great to see her run in these babies, though, as clunky and too-big as they are.  After I put her to bed, I hid them or I know she’ll want to wear them to The Academy and I just don’t think they are appropriate for all day.  We’ll pull them out for special occasions – like SNOW!
My boots!

My boots!

These boots are awesome!

These boots are awesome!

Here she is taking one of her odd and wonderful power naps.  I took a picture of one before, but this one is much better – head on the floor, butt full in the air and always with one thumb in her mouth and the other hand holding a Taggies blanket or ball.  She’ll do this for 10 to 30 seconds, feel revived, stand up and move on.  After several power naps and we know it’s time for bed.
Power nap

Power nap


4 Responses

  1. So……. ummm what happens when she transfers her love of the sandbox to the kitty litter box? She may need those boots for that!

  2. OMG
    she’s gotten so big!
    yeah……..I’ve been a slacker, but I have 2 good excuses.
    miss you

  3. that nap is hilarious….you will have to share where you go shopping!!

  4. The Bing is just too cute! We got Alex’s boots the other day too — yesterday morning he brought them over to Jim and he wore them around all morning in his pajamas!

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