I’m a girl!

We’ve been working with Bing-Bing on sign language using Signing Time videos quite a bit.  She loves these and it’s about the only TV we’ll let her watch.  Anyway, she’s been learning a song about boys and girls to learn the sign for boy and girl.  Also, we’ve been learning about the parts of the body, often in the bathtub.  When she started touching her private parts we told her these are her girl parts.  In the tub, I often ask her where her nose, eye, ear, girl parts, foot, hand, etc are.  She loves this – quite naturally.  I also add in a little personal safety awareness by telling her that the only time other people should touch her girl parts are when they are giving her a bath or changing her diaper.  So, this morning Bing-Bing and Daddy were watching Signing Time and the boy-girl song came on.  The ASL sign for girl involves taking your fist with your thumb out and dragging it down from your ear to your chin.  Guess what Bing-Bing did?  You guessed it — she grabbed her crotch like a stereotypical Italian dude.  Later, I was singing and signing the boy-girl song with her to practice and I was doing the ASL sign for girl and sure enough, she did the Bing-Bing sign for girl – grabbing her crotch.  That’s my girl!  Heh.

Here’s a few pictures from yesterday at the park.  It’s been a beautiful weekend!


9 Responses

  1. The crotch-grab makes much more sense.

    She is so, so cute!

  2. Gotta love this girl.Too funny!!!

  3. Smart kid.

  4. Cute. But I’m betting this little story will embarass her to her boyfriend when she is 17. Make sure you tell it anyway.

  5. Yep……. she’s been matched with the right family!

  6. Too funny! Thanks for the giggle.

  7. Girls Rule!
    Even Bing knows that – it transcends ANY language!!!

  8. Smart and beautiful! Boy what a combination!

  9. Perhaps that is what Michael Jackson was trying to tell everyone as well! Too funny!

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