A year in pictures


I made this collage tonight to give to a woman in our travel group for our group’s yearly newsletter.  She’s hoping to have it ready for Gotcha Day – November 18.  Holy cow, people – we’ve known her nearly a year.  We’ll be taking the day off to go to our nearest Chinatown for the day.  It’s the closest we can get to remembering Chongqing and The Day.  I plan to send the collage to our adoption rep in Chongqing and ask her to forward it to the orphanage.  I want them to see how she’s grown.  If only I could convey the speed at which she moves.  Oh, and she’s starting using a toilet.  Not consistently, but she’s very interested and doing awesome!  Can I just say, this girl amazes me?  I’m pretty sure there are physics equations rolling around in her head – bumping around like little electrons.  Yes, I am afraid.  Very afraid.


3 Responses

  1. I love it! I am sure the orphanage will be happy to see it too!
    I agree, they have major study going on in their heads–fascinating.

  2. Bing has grown so much. Can you even remember how you spent your time before she came home?

  3. Hai! Hai! Haven’t “seen” you in a while. Cool new site and thanks for the explanation of Cavatica – never knew the story. Love the Bing-Bing collage – my favorite picture is the three of you grinning widely at the camera on the bottom of the collage. Beautiful.

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