Heard in a bar yesterday regarding big political candidates:

  • “I like her, she’s hot!”
  • “I would never vote for a f–ing n—-r.” 

Yeah, the second one is way too nasty for my sweet, little blog.  It baffles me that people think this way.  I mean, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.  My niavity often does surprise me.  It’s just, how stupid can someone be to want to vote for someone because they find the person attractive?  And how come you rarely hear women (or gay men) talking about the male candidates this way?  And if they do, they certainly aren’t making it part of their decision to vote for them.  I can’t remember the last time I heard a girlfriend say, “I think we need a hot dude in the White House!”  

And the other statement — well, that was really sickening.  It went downhill from there, full of total wacky paranoia. 

Really, sometimes people are really sad.  And yet, oddly, I like them.  This? – no, I hate it, but people?  We’re such odd creatures and I like us.  But when it comes to how we act collectively, I think we are a dangerous bunch.  This bunch was no better than a gang of middle schoolers on a yellow bus avoiding the eye of the busy driver while doing something dumb.  Good kids, if you get them alone, but collectively idiots.  Yeah, we go into the polls alone, but people talk this stuff out in bars, in living rooms, wherever… and the prejudices – “she’s hot”, “he’s a Muslim from where???” follows those decent people to the polls and decide who rules.  Yeah, we might just chose a president based on sex appeal and skin color.  I wonder what would happen if we could strip away the faces and the names and just make it about the issues and what they say.  Then after the election unveil the people – a white man and a white woman or a black man and a white man and folks would say, “holy moly!” and just move on.


2 Responses

  1. I am constantly amazed and astounded. I don’t think of myself as naive, but I guess I always expect better of the general public. When I was writing for a newspaper, they were always sending my stories back, asking me to “dumb them down”. They wanted me to write for the “lowest common denominator” (their words). I was always dumbfounded. That kind of journalism just encourages this kind of stupidity.

  2. It’s shocking, isn’t it? I guess we’ll see how this plays out in Nov. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that there are more thinking-minded people than not.

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