Hand, foot, & mouth disease…

…is running afoot in our home.  The Bing picked this up at The Academy and was sent home yesterday and was ordered to stay home today.  It is generally harmless, but VERY contagious.  According to our pediatrician, it is more common than the common cold at the moment.  So, I’m home with her for the morning and Hubs will come home for the afternoon.  She has a sore throat and little sores on her tongue.  Her hands and feet are sore free.  We’re giving her ibuprofen, but nothing else.  It’s a virus, so you just let it run it’s course.  She’s been acting herself – goofy, silly, and running around fast-fast-fast.  However it’s 8:04 and she’s still asleep.  Let’s hope she’s still acting herself today.  Anyone out there have experience with this slice of toddler life?

4 Responses

  1. Oh shoot! I don’t have any experience, but I do know it’s common. It’s amazing how they can run around when we, as adults, would be totally laid out! I hope the Bing is well ASAP!

  2. Poor kiddo, no fun to be sore! I am glad she is still having fun and feeling goofy. Get well soon!

  3. My friends daughter had that a couple years ago & was very sick. I’ll bet that as with anything – there is a spectrum of infliction. thing that my friend said is that her da (adopted from china) seemed to turn a corner re: attachment after this illness. Almost as though she gained some trust from the experience of being cared for by her parents!

    Good luck. xo

  4. you must stop licking your feet Cavvy!

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