Important ketchup

For which there will be bullets:

  • The Bing went to the doctor today for her 18-month visit.  Her weight is 22 pounds, 2 ounces (25th %ile), her height is 31 3/4 inches (50th %ile), and her head circumference is 18 inches (50th %ile).  The biggest gain is her head circumference, which is up from the 15th %ile.  Wowza!  As usual, my interpretation is, SHE’S GIGANTIC!  Yuppers.
  • Tonight my sister, Q~, asked honored me by asking me to come with her to her high school parent-teacher night.  She wanted someone to hear her teachers rave about her.  Now, how cool is that!  And rave they did!  Yeah, I have an awesome sister.
  • I tried a McDonald’s iced latte yesterday.  I was not impressed.  It was over a dollar more than their medium iced coffee and no better.  Don’t bother.
  • Still coughing some, but having less pain from the pulled muscle.  Delsym is good stuff for the cough, but it makes me stupid.  I have little room for that.
  • We got The Bing’s Halloween costume – a tiger.  She is tigerish.  Now, I ask other parents, how do you get a little one to try on a costume?  She’s just not feelin’ it.  I put the head over my head and she looks.  She points to the tiger’s nose and my nose, so she understands, but she has no desire to become this tiger.
  • At The Academy, The Bing is sitting on the potty.  What does she do there?  She sits and her teacher sings.  Education is a wonderful thing.

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