My cough kicked me…

… and it HURTS!  I’ve had this cold, courtesy of The Bing, and have been coughing for 2 weeks.  On Friday I pulled a muscle below a rib.  It hurt, but not horribly.  Then yesterday, in the middle of a therapy session at work, I coughed and it felt like my side blew out.  How I managed not to scream, I can’t tell you.  I kept coughing and had no cough drops, so I delicately (heh) excused myself, offering to make tea for the both of us (tea with honey feels good on my throat) and took off to the water cooler/heater room.  There I nearly doubled over, as the coughs kept coming.  Lucky for me, our nurse was there.  She went to our Physical Therapy Department and got a heating pad, which I shared with a client for the rest of the day. 

In the evening, I went to the doctor who prescribed, narcotics, cough syrup, heat, and a day off.  I feel terrible, as I’ve taken several days off over the last 3 weeks – at least one day each week.  Happily, I can say my cold is improving.  The pain isn’t so bad, as long as I don’t move or breath deeply.  Sheesh!  I tell you, this is the craziest thing.  It happened to me a year and a half ago, although not nearly this badly. 

So, what am I doing when not sleeping?  Updating blog stuff, checking my murderer email after 3 months, only to discover that friends have written too (sorry, Michele), reading political stuff and thinking I would prefer not to have someone in the White House who would have us banning books and whose church seems to believe we are in a religious war and who reminds me of a cheerleader ( but oh, I try tend not to rant and I’m not politically savvy, so it’s not a good place to go) reading, deleting emails, preparing Good Wishes Quilt wishes from China.  Aside from being sleepy and stupid, I am bored.  This is good.  I want to want to go to work tomorrow.   I just hope I can move and do things with my girl without feeling my side is splitting out.

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