Catching Up


It was raining hard and we needed a few things, so off to the mall we went.  The Bing enjoyed the playground there.  The last picture isn’t the best, but I like it because it shows her “working hard face,” which I just love.  She’s coming through a tunnel.  We had dinner at a Mexican joint (she likes cilantro, yay!) and got her a new pair of sneakers.  I’m a sneaker hound and I can only say – yowza!

I’ve been slow with blogging lately.  I’ve had a nasty cold.  The Bing gave it to me.  She handled it well.  Me, not so much.  Finally, the coughing caused a pulled muscle in my side – OUCH!  Now I’m taking cough medicine, Ibuprofen, and trying to manage.  I’m pooped all the time, but I’ve been to the doctor who says it’s just a cold and I can work.  Hi ho, hi ho, off to work I go.  It isn’t pretty.


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