Family reunion & catching up

Train ride

Train ride


The Hubs’ family had their annual summer family reunion last weekend.  There are now 19 kids under the age of 8 in the gang.  The grandparents were all there and a great grandmother (great grandfather couldn’t make it).  It is a big clan.  Bing-Bing started off a little shy, but quickly got into the fun, including train rides, riding bikes and motorized cars and bikes (with help from older cousins), water games…  Yeah, it was a good time. 

In other news, Bing-Bing has been to the eye doctor as we continue to monitor all of that.  As long-time readers know, Bing-Bing’s right eye is smaller than her left.  She was born that way.  The doctor says things are status from her last visit, 6 months ago.  He does think there is extra boney tissue around they eye and you can feel a sharpness under that eye.  Now that she’s a busy toddler she is prone to black eyes, as it bruises more easily, so you may see some shiners on The Bing, if you haven’t noticed them already, but isn’t because she’s taken up boxing!  We’re sticking with swimming for now.  She does have astigmatism in the right eye due to this bone malformation, as it pushes on the eye causing pressure.  So we’re watching that, but the doc thinks she can see well.  I do remember him telling us, on a previous visit, that this could have been caused in the womb by her face being pressed against her birth mother’s pelvis for an extended period.  I’m fascinated by that.

What else?  Bing-Bing is finishing her first week in the toddler room at The Academy.  Part of her new curriculum includes time to sit on the toilet.  At 18-months, she’s probably a little young to really take off with this, but I’m glad for the exposure.  The toddler room and the next most advanced room share a bathroom, so she will see older kids using the toilet, getting some good modeling.  Of course she gets that at home, too, but I think seeing it from peers is better and probably more motivating.

Speaking of 18-months, she turned 18-months-old yesterday!  Yowza!  She’s chatting and signing up a storm.  We have 2 Baby Signing Time videos with a third on the way.  She loves them!  She doesn’t watch much TV and I’ve read that there is no such thing as educational TV for the under-2 set, but I think these are.  She watches them and she is learning language from them, so I’m okay with these.  She augments her speech with the sign, which helps, as her speech isn’t the best yet. 

Anyway, she’s growing, developing, and changing like a weed.  It’s hard to keep up!


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  1. That is the cutest train. She looks like she is having fun. Her hair is totally growing!

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