Blah week looked up

It was a yucky week.  I won’t go as far as to say the week from hell, but it was not fun.  I was head-achy all week – not sure why.  Then Friday morning we determined for sure that Reba, our kitty, was missing.  We weren’t sure the night before, but Friday morning she didn’t come running for breakfast.  Then Hubs discovered her fur in a screen hole in the back screen door.  I was a mess – not so much because I thought she’d be hit.  She was feral her first year and quite street wise.  I just didn’t know if she’d come back.  She knows how to make a living out there.  In the morning, I took a few fliers around, then in the evening Bing-Bing and I took them all over.

Then Hubs and I went out for our first full date since The Bing entered our life in November.  We went out once before without her, but were back to put her to bed.  This time Aunt A~ took care of everything and off we went.  Less than a block away from the house we abandoned our dinner and a movie plan, which felt rushed, and went for a leisurely meal and then to an awesome ice cream place.  I had baked Alaska, cooked with a blow torch.  Not really baked, but yummy just the same!  We walked around outside, holding hands, suddenly wondering — did we remember how?  There’s always a little one between us!  We did think of Bing-Bing, but we never worried.  We bought her a watch and a growth chart at a gift shop near the ice cream joint.  The girl loves her tick tocks, so why not?

When we got home, there was Reba on the top step to our back door – waiting.  She’d just gone a walkabout.  We welcomed her back.  She was happy to get some water and warmth for the night.

Nicky & Reba (on right)
Nicky & Reba (on right)

The Bing and her aunt survived their first babysitting evening and we’re looking forward to more.  Thanks Aunt A!!! 


2 Responses

  1. Glad to hear that it had a happy ending! I’m still looking forward to date night some night in our future as well, but I’m guessing that won’t happen until we no longer have to put her in a straight jacket to go to sleep!

  2. I’m looking forward to doing it again soon!

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