A week in pictures

The Academy had a luau to celebrate the renovations they did.  It was sweet.  More than the slide, Bing-Bing enjoyed stomping in a puddle with her buddies from the pre-toddler room.  It was nice to see her playing with her buds, especially those boys, Batman and Spiderman.  Catgirl was there, too.  She took something from The Bing, who held her own.  No physical violence, just a definitive “MINE” and Catgirl returned the coveted item (a cup).  I was pleased with how they handled themselves.  I didn’t step in.

Water slide at school luau

The Bing likes hangin’ out at her grandparents’ place.  She thinks she’s in charge.

Country Girl

 On Sunday, The Bing and I went to the Renaissance Faire where we enjoyed a nice turkey leg, among other things.

Eating turkey leg

Chomp... chomp... chomp

And then, well, a lady walking her pig.  I went out for drinks after work and there they were.  Odd.

Lady & pig

Lady & a pig




2 Responses

  1. Do not mess with the Bing… glad she stood her own…

  2. Brave little girl you have there.

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