Hi & Bye!


The Bing loves to say “hi” and “bye” to everyone and everything.  She says “bye” to the cars that drive by.  Yesterday morning as Daddy was putting her in the car seat in my car before we left for day care she said “bye bye Daddy” and he was so delighted he could have fallen over.  Then we got to The Academy and put her lunch and diaper bag away and took a walk down the hall.  She said “hi” to a teacher and a toilet.  That’s my girl! 

Other words:

  • Mo: more
  • Mine!
  • No!
  • Ti To: Tick tock for clock
  • Daddy
  • Mommee
  • Moo – cow
  • Woof woof – dog
  • Meow
  • Mii – milk
  • Bi – bird
  • Ba ba – bottle, blankie
  • Maw Maw – grandmother
  • Paw Paw – grandfather

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