Pictures & swimming lessons

Dressed up

Drawing at The Academy

But the BIG news is tonight Bing-Bing had her first swimming lesson.  We are in the Minnows class and she had a great time!  She’s learning pre-swimming skills, plus bonding with Mom and Dad.  Good stuff.  She played lots of water games and even went under the water loving it all!  I think her favorite was chasing rubber ducks.  She’s an excellent duck hunter.  Afterwards we took a shower at the rec center and got her in her jammies.  Then when we got home she was all ready for bed.  The Academy served her an early supper and got her in her bathing suit before we arrived, so she was ready!  When we got there she was raring to go into the pool.  I tell you, that girl is running headlong into life.  It is awesome to see.  Next week I’ll take my camera.  Promise.

2 Responses

  1. oh my…what a big girl she is! gorgeous!

    we did a couple of swim lesson sessions with Chloe when she was about that age. it was a fun way of bonding.

    I’ll wait for photos : ))

  2. Come to our house and swim in Jammer’s pool with him. They’d have a blast together.

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