Taggies monster

Now we’ve done it.  We’ve created a Taggies monster.  The Bing loves these things.  Yesterday after day care she ran around the house collecting all the Taggies toys and blankies she could find – her big ball and three blankies.  She then became very upset because she couldn’t manage holding them all at the same time!  Taggies-melt-down.  Sheesh, it was frightening.  Thank the gods she didn’t find her Taggies football.  Here I thought we were being smart by having enough so we would never be without at least one.  Now, I live in fear that she’s going to need them ALL — ALL THE TIME!  I sent her to bed with one.  One Taggies should be enough for anyone.

Here she is looking after the Roomba, now affectionately named the Bingbot. 


3 Responses

  1. When Bingbots attack!

  2. perhaps you need to form a Taggies-Addicts support group!

  3. Can we ever be sure that the Bingbot doesn’t suck up BingBings?

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