Do you Roomba?

We do!  In fact, we are right now, although no one is home to supervise.  Funny thing, when we are home, we watch the crazy thing, so we do spend time vacuuming, but not energy.  We’re all fascinated as it roams – Hub, The Bing, me, the cats.  Hubs set it up last night and it cleaned the dining room.  This morning he set it to vacuum the upstairs for 2 hours.  It goes room to room, roomba-ing.  I bet the cats will spend the day downstairs.


5 Responses

  1. I’ve thought about getting one eventually, but haven’t known anyone who owns one to ask their opinion. Have you been pleased with its power? How about on animal hair?

    Lucky you – it’s like having a maid at home (if only it put toys away).

  2. I would like one. Maybe someday.

  3. I’m holding out for a Dyson!

  4. Those things are so cool.

  5. Remember your family and friends. They would make good gifts for we who are cleaning impaired.

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