Picture catch up

I love a parade!

Can’t you see I’m on the phone?

Elvis lives!

Aunt C~ did my hair

And for delicious mommy happiness— she says, “mommee!” in this high, little voice.  It’s so darn cute and, she doesn’t know it, but she could probably get me to do anything by saying it that way.  Or does she know it and is it her ploy to stay up a little later being that adorable?  Dang, she learns quick.


10 Responses

  1. Is it just me, or is she looking rather tall & leggy all of a sudden?

  2. She is just so adorable! Glad she loves the parade. I skipped it this year, figuring my munchkin didn’t know what she was missing and I am not a fan, but next year…….

  3. Yes, J, she is definitely getting more leggy – and girly! How cute. Thx for the pics.

  4. what a sweetie!

    and what is it about little ones on the phone that makes them look oh so grown up?! like a tiny teenager : ))

  5. Just don’t grow up too fast BingBing! I’ll be out there soon!

  6. Great hair baby. And what a drooler!

  7. It’s not easy to pull off 2 hair styles like those – CUTE!

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  9. So very cute!!!!!!!

  10. Dang she is cuuuuuute. I’d turn to mush with that sweet mommy too… can’t wait to know what that feels like!

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