I gave my baby speed

Okay, it was orange juice, but it had the same effect.  Sheesh, people, she was wired!  We had first given it to her last week at the beach.  We know to be careful with the kiddo and sugar ever since we tried putting Karo syrup in her bottle to help her constipation and we had a very AWAKE Bing-Bing!  But, she handles ice cream okay in the evening and now we’d given her some half-OJ, half-water at the beach (she loves it, the little junkie).  So last evening I figured it would be just fine.  HA!  Nope, she was alert, yet sleepy and fussy last evening all because of Mommy the O.J. Dealer.

Let me just add that Hubs was Husband and Daddy Extraordinaire.  He took care of her until she finally relaxed AND got up with her during the night (2X), which she NEVER does, and helped her settle.  I need my sleep to function later.  Yup, he is The Man.


2 Responses

  1. Zoom zoom zoom

  2. Lauren loves OJ and it has no effect on her. Paige doesn’t like it, but I suspect she would react the same way.

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