Bing-Bing, the varactyl

Early I told you that Bing-Bing talks like an Ewok.  She still does, but her sounds have morphed to another Star Wars creature, Boga, the varactyl that Obi-Wan Kenobi rides on Utapau when he’s searching for General Grievious.  Boga is one of the fastest varactyl, a dragon-like creature, to be tamed by the Utai.  Obi-wan chooses her for her proud, loyal spirit, which he senses with the Force.  Sadly, she is killed during an explosion, shielding Obi-wan from the blast, after the clone troopers turn on the Jedi on orders from Palpatine. 

So what is it with my daughter and Star Wars creatures?  She’s never seen these movies.  Is it her, or is it us, noticing Star Wars-like sounds because we like the movies?  No, I think not.  She’s making rather obscure creature noises.  I had to look up Boga the varactyl.  Hubs isn’t as big a Star Wars fan as me and he made this connection; I only agreed.  He would be thinking she was from The Lord of the Rings if there was a bias.  No, I think we have a Star Wars baby.  Let’s hope we can guide her toward the light.


3 Responses

  1. Ewok is the best way to describe it. Zubin makes this weird “Oahh” sound. Cant describe it really.

  2. Could be worse she could sound like Golum, that sibilant “s” would make me insane.

  3. I found myself watching Terminator 2 over and over this weekend and remembering you……. so when is Bing Bing going to get her first dirt bike?

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