NNNYYYO & consigning

The cats are handling the NNNNNYYYYYOs quite well, luckily.  At least for now.  The Bing just loves to tell us all NO!  Even when she means yes, she says NO!  She doesn’t know how to say yes.  Nicky reacted more strongly to the addition of Reba than the addition of Bing-Bing.  When she yells NNNNNNYYYYO at us, we imitate her, which she finds funny.

Hubs and The Bing are out grocery shopping.  I was organizing a little – getting some things ready to take to a kid consignment shop that we don’t use anymore.  And, no, they don’t consign kids, just their stuff.  It’s a cool store.  I’ve gotten great clothes for The Bing there – designer stuff I would never buy new, but in great condition.   Plus we got our high chair and numerous other stuff there.  The Exersaucer we got is in great condition and now I’m taking it back!  I guess we just rented it.  Also going, the Co-Sleeper we got and barely used.  Bing-Bing took to her crib right away.  We used it as a play pen, but we have another and don’t need two.  We use the other just for a travel crib now.  So, consigning we go!


One Response

  1. I sooooooooo cannot wait to ditch this stuff
    we have one “Once upon a child”
    I can’t wait to say bye to the big stuff that I keep bumping into on the way to the loo.

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