Birdy, the tunnel girl

Lately Bing-Bing likes to make a tunnel out of things and most recently it was our bed.  She freaked a little when she felt stuck, but she made it!  She’s cute in playground tunnels.  She goes in head first and out feet first, turning around in the middle.  It takes a lot of work!

Meet Birdy.  When she’s being fed something particularly yummy, like apple sauce or ice cream she opens her mouth very, very wide, like a little bird.  We went out for ice cream last night.

By the way, Birdy, who said I have to share my shake with you???

5 Responses

  1. What a cute little birdie!

    She looks like she’s lovin’ the milk shake.

  2. Too cute! This reminds me of when M had her casts on both hands. We had to feed her and she started saying “Ah, the bird is waiting!” Pretty good coming up with that at two.

    They know how to get the goods!

  3. She gets more precious every day. I especially love the birdy pic, overwhelmingly adorable.

  4. The kidlet is looking just adorable these days.
    hair suits her.

  5. That is soooooo cute

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