Last year I posted pics of my orchids a lot.  This is my first orchid post of the year.  They’ve done well, but I’ve had another very interesting subject this year and the orchids are taking a back seat, blogwise.  I’m still thrilled with them, though, as I’ve never done well with houseplants and these are so easy!  This is this purple one’s third season and I re-potted it last summer, so I wasn’t sure it would bloom.  It did a little late, but here it is – gorgeous, healthy, and proud.


3 Responses

  1. Beautiful! You’ll have to tell me your secret. I generally do well with house plants, but my orchids are just pathetic. Maybe they just don’t like the Colorado climate.

  2. You are the orchid whisperer. Mine shrivel and die in this dry climate. Yours are beautious!

  3. Oh my gosh, Maggie! It’s amazing!! I have to agree with Jennie, orchids don’t like the Colorado climate. Mine are pathetic too. Sigh.

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