Sunglasses, baby!

We have a small park close by and we took a wagon ride over this morning to play.  Snowflake actually wore her sunglasses for a fair amount of time!  We’re hoping she’ll get used to them before our trip to the beach in 3 weeks. 

This evening we went to visit friends for a lovely Chinese dinner.  Snowflake enjoyed fish, rice, and tofu – hen hao!  She’s made some changes in her eating habits, becoming somewhat more picky.  It seems like some days are protein days, some are veggie days, and others are carb days.  Today was a protein day, but carbs were in the mix.  Over a several day period she’s getting a good mix.  I preferred her old habits of eating more of everything at every meal, but I can live with this.  Maybe her body knows and she’s getting good things overall.


3 Responses

  1. So cute! I am soooo jealous of you beach trip. I need water, sand, and fun!

  2. she’s hot stuff in her shades! enjoy the beach : )

  3. Oh she is so gorgeous… take care

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