Sichuan earthquake

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.  We have a friend who is from Sichuan Province who only made contact with his family on Sunday.  The people in his town have been sleeping in the streets for over a week, due to aftershock fears and the schools are closed.

Mostly, I’ve been thinking of the families who lost children – their only children.  Well, the only children they kept.  How many of these families lost other children to forced abortion &/or abandonment?  How many have been sterilized and have no hope of trying again?  Will they be able to adopt?  Can they afford to?  I can tell you that the Chinese people we met love their children.  That was quite clear during our visit.

Selfishly, I have thought of Snowflake and her birth parents feeling thankful that they probably don’t live in Sichuan Province.  They probably didn’t lose another child in this quake, as Chongqing only felt the shaking, but sustained no serious damage or casualties.

So, while there has been enormous loss from this earthquake, for many it is just another loss.  I am sad for the Chinese peoples’ many losses of children.  I am grateful for the child I have am allowed to have.  She is marvelous.


2 Responses

  1. Funny about that… as I sit here bitching about things that aren’t worth bitching about…

  2. I’m hoping that the Chinese government won’t charge any fees to those families that have lost a child and want to adopt an orphan. That would be cruel upon more cruel.

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