Can she be…

… the same little girl we met six months ago in China?

Gotcha Day – November 18, 2007

Yesterday and today with her brand new haircut!


Adopting was my idea and Hubs was on board instantly.  He clearly wondered if I was insane (I said I didn’t want children), but chose not to question so as not to ruin the mood.  Since coming home with Snowflake, he’s told me repeatedly that Snowflake was a very, very good idea.  Yup.  Even after a difficult day – we finally figured out she’s probably teething – yup.  Adopting Snowflake was a very, very good idea. 

Actually, I have to wonder, are we the same people we were six months ago?


9 Responses

  1. Happy half a year family day! She is looking too cute as usual. And nope, I don’t think you are the same. I know I’m not, I just don’t think you can bring a kidlet in and remain the way you were before–we are still there and yet not. Hmmm. Good pondering question anyhow!

  2. No and you never will be, that is the beauty of it. Enjoy that beautiful baby!

  3. No, you’re not the same….your joy and your hearts are much, MUCH bigger now!

  4. Time flies, doesnt it? And it sure changes us.

  5. As we just said ourselves yesterday, you’ll quickly forget the time before she came into your lives. Life is so much fuller and precious now. Enjoy every single moment with that adorable little girl.

  6. Gosh, six months changes everything, doesn’t it????

  7. Wow – Snowflake sure has grown.

    Bet you never imagined how much this little girl could change your life…for the better, of course. She is darling.

    Happy 6th month Anniversary you LUCKY MOMMY!

  8. And she is still as gorgeous as ever…

  9. Oh! The haircut. It is a marker. And, so sweet. You were meant to be together.


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