Academy update

Hubs was at a local restaurant the other night with Snowflake and a woman introduced herself as a teacher from The Academy who teaches in the pre-kindergarten room.  She thanked us for the books about adoption and said that she is starting a unit on family diversity this coming week.  She’ll be using these book.  She also plans to talk about other cultural issues and other types of families.  Apparently, The Academy is getting a new student who just moved from The Netherlands.  She said this child doesn’t speak English.  They are also expecting another child from Belgium in a few months.  So, The Academy is becoming even more multicultural.  Cool!  It’s already pretty good.  Snowflake’s buddy, Spiderman, is German.  His parents moved here soon after he was born and he’s learning English and German.  Batman is Hispanic and he’s learning English and Spanish.  I noticed an Asian girl in the pre-toddler room when I dropped Snowflake off on Friday.  I’m not sure she’s there all day, or just in the morning when some rooms are combined.  Plus, there are the principal’s kids who are half-ethnic Korean.  I say ethnic Korean because it’s clear that the principal feels very much American.  Being Korean seems to be only an ethnic thing; she doesn’t know the culture.  Anyway, it’s a nice mixed bag for our little town and I’m happy that they are taking this family diversity issue seriously.  It was nice to have this teacher approach Hubs this way when she saw him with Snowflake.

Snowflake is enjoying trying our shoes these days.


2 Responses

  1. Nice to see YOU haven’t grown out of your “weird” shoe vice either!
    (What were those god-awful things you wore back in the ’90’s that were orange I think?)

  2. Sounds like a cool place to have your kid.

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