New wheels

Yesterday a set of grandparents showed up with Snowflake’s new wheels.  This is one spiffy wagon.  It has a smooth ride and Snowflake was quite delighted.  She isn’t smiling in this pic, but she was thrilled.  She sat and rode safely.  It will be nice for riding around town and there’s plenty of room for a diaper bag, a cooler, and even a friend.  Yowza!


5 Responses

  1. Jensen has one just like that! He loves it! We take him for rides all the time and he waves to everyone while he’s riding. He cracks us up! I hope Snowflake loves hers just as much!!!

  2. We have our old Radio Flyer all set up to stick Shauna in there and talk her on a walk… love it… take care

  3. I like it. We had one but i was stolen from our front porch. Sigh.

  4. Looks like fun! I tagged you for three random facts about yourself.

  5. She’ll have great fun with this! She looks very pleased with herself there….

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