Ozzie & Harriet are parents…

… again.  But this is the first year that I saw the little tykes!  Last night I was leaving work and, like always, I checked the nest from the window from the stairwell.  Harriet was standing and I thought I saw movement!  Sure enough goslings… and it looks like she had several!  Woohoo!!!  A colleague, who left after me, saw them climbing out of the nest, over the curb (no small feat), to the parking lot).  Awww!  Now they have left the nest.  I’m betting they’ve gone to the ponds nearby and we’ll never be able to tell them from the other goose families.  It’s been an awesome season, Ozzie and Harriet!

Harriet with babies!  (taken through a window, but this was the best view)

A clearer Harriet shot, but you can’t see the goslings

Ozzie struts a distance away, forgetting to protect the brood

Empty nest this morning

Check out this wacky spot.  Very dangerous.

One Response

  1. Doesn’t seem like a wacky spot to the geese…. the successful brought their family into the world! I think you’re going to need a sub-blog for geese……. I’ve gotten accustomed to looking forward to Ozzie and Harriet each year!

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