Movin’ on up!

Next week Snowflake begins her transition to the pre-toddler room.  Why?  Because she’s GIGANTIC!  Okay, because she’s almost 14-months-old, she no longer takes a bottle during the day, she’s walking well, and she sleeps on a sleeping bag on the floor like the BIG KIDS.  I don’t anticipate any problems.  She’s spent some time there already and she knows the teachers.  I think she’ll get a lot more outdoor time there, as the kids will be on more similar schedules than in the infant room where the kids are so spread out developmentally.  I really like one of the teachers in the pre-toddler room, too.  She covers the infant room in the afternoon and she often tells me how much she enjoys Snowflake.  Recently, she told me that she’s “effervescent.”  I like that.  She’ll be moving up with her buddy, Spiderman.  That makes me happy.  Oh, Batman is back!!!  That makes me very happy, but he just turned a year today, so he’s not quite ready.  I can’t wait until he is, though.  He is always so happy to see Snowflake when she arrives in the morning.  Spiderman is awesome, too, but he’s only a part-timer.  Batman is there full-time like Snowflake.  Although for this conversation, I’m thinking that Frozette is a better name for her.

I just ordered her a sleeping bag.  Here’s the pattern.

Oh, she’s been teething in a tough way at times.  I hate to see her in pain.  I think we’re past it for now.

2 Responses

  1. Can you encourage the Frozette to stop growing until I get a chance to meet her! I’d like to see her before she’s ready for Harvard!

  2. effervescent? How cool is that? Sounds like SF is in very good place.

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