Trekking over China – not forgotten

But it has been a loooooong time.  I haven’t posted on this topic since November 12, in fact.  You’d think I’d been busy.  I haven’t been to the pool since that last post and the Rec Center folks were all so curious about Snowflake too.  However, we did walk a LOT in China and we’ve been walking recently now that the weather is nice.  Snowflake loves to go downtown in her stroller, which is about a mile.  So, I’m going to guestimate some miles to add on to my Trekking over China goal.

  • In China walking: 60 China miles

(I’m sure we walked more than 90 minutes in our 2 weeks, but I don’t think it was fast exercise-type walking, so I’m not counting it)

  • 5 walks downtown and back home = 150 China Miles

Previous total: 330 China Miles

New Total: 540 China Miles – only 2,460 miles to go!


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