Cute is as cute does

I’m pooped tonight and something came back to me that a mother said in China.  We were at the breakfast buffet at the White Swan.  Her baby had had a very rough night and no one had gotten much sleep.  She was clearly exhausted.  She was relating the story and she said, “and suddenly it occurred to me that she wasn’t as cute as I thought she was.”  We laughed, understanding it was all about the circumstance.  Fast forward to the next morning and they had had a much better night.  We asked if their daughter was looking cute again.  She laughed and said, “Yeah, I’m realizing that cute is as cute does.” 

So here I am this evening, tired, and alone with Snowflake remembering this.  She wasn’t bad at all, just alternating between fussy before dinner was ready and super-silly goofy-fun during dinner.  When she was getting fun after the fussiness I thought, “how did you get so cute all of a sudden?”  Then it hit — cute is as cute does.


So now I give you some cute — another puppy pic.  When she first started trying to put this block in her mouth to hold it without her hands, I didn’t think she could do it.  But, it was no problem for the puppy-kid.


3 Responses

  1. Now I forget…… when she was given career options at her first birthday, was bloodhound one of her options?
    I remember she chose to be a chef but if she likes the taste of blocks…… ummmmmmm I think maybe she’ll need to look into the pharmacy option!

  2. What a sweetheart your daughter is. xo

  3. my what a talent!!!! now, if she’s anything like my lab, she’ll start working on 3-4 in her mouth at one time 🙂

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